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“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you…” Matthew 28:19–20 (ESV)

Our Vision

To fulfill the Great Commission Jesus gave in Matthew 28:19–20

What We Do

Support various missionaries, through strategic partnerships, with prayer, finances, and leadership development.

What You Do

Pray. Give. Go.

Jason & Regina Biel


In 2015 Jason was able to make two trips to Germany. Germany had always been something of a fascination with him. He even studied the German language in high school. After the trips in 2015, the Lord began to stir a desire to go back on a more permanent basis. After literally years of praying, waiting, and praying some more, the Lord began to confirm and open doors.

Jason, Regina, and JJ (their youngest) have moved to Eastern Germany where they have been able to start a home church. The “dream” is to see churches blossom all over Eastern Germany.

Solomon & Mable Charwi

In Kehancha, Kenya Since 1994

Pastor Solomon Rioba Charwi established the church he pastors in Kehancha, Kenya, East Africa in 1994. We met Pastor Solomon in 1998 during his first visit to the United States. He requested that a visit be made to Kenya for the purpose of instructing pastors in the teaching of the Bible; that was the beginning of Calvary Petaluma  missions. Pastor Solomon oversees the Pastor’s Library, stocked with commentaries and Pastor Chuck Smith’s Bible study tapes, which was built in 1999 as an extension of our ministry to pastors. The use of the library is free to any pastor who wishes to borrow Bible commentaries or Bible study tapes, and can also accommodate a pastor who wants to come and spend a couple of days just studying. Pastor Solomon has also undertaken a project translating Pastor Chuck Smith’s “Through the Bible” studies into Swahili, the national language of Kenya. He has done it in such a way that you hear both English and Swahili on the tapes.

Shalom Christian Centre

On Mfangano Island, Kenya Since 1992

Located on Mfangano Island in the Kenyan area of Lake Victoria. The Shalom Christian Center has been ministering to and caring for AIDS orphans on the island. AIDS has had a devastating affect on the island’s families. 

The Shalom Christian Centre Primary School in 2009, engages students in grades one through eight. Calvary Petaluma Missions developed a sponsorship program through which students who are orphaned, totally or partially, or from families who are unable to provide for their schooling. Since its inception the school consistently ranks among the top schools in the district.

The Rogers

In Asia Since 2012

In 2015 the Rogers received the necessary documents to begin a business. They were able to secure a facility with enough room to house both a bakery and a wrestling school. Presently locals are being trained in the bakery enabling the Roger’s to have a tremendous impact on their community. The enrollment at the wrestling school is growing by leaps and bounds.

They continue to minister to the ex-patriot community as well as make inroads with the local community for the gospel.

Mark & Laura Woodward

With Wycliffe, Tanzania Since 2012

In 2014 Mark and Laura moved from the Katavi region to Dar es Salaam. Mark was put in charge of supervising three translation projects comprising around twenty language communities. Furthermore, Mark became a U.S. citizen, so now both Mark and Laura have dual U.S. and U.K. citizenship. This will greatly facilitate their travel to and from the countries where their families are located.

In 2016 more changes have come in that now Mark has been asked to be the Director of Language Programs for the Uganda – Tanzania branch. Now in addition to the projects he has been overseeing, he will be supervising a large multi-language project in the Mara region of Tanzania. The number of projects now will comprise around thirty language communities. Laura continues in her role of helping families transition into the culture and with their Swahili language instruction.

A number of the translation projects are going to be ready for publication in the next few years, beginning with the Burunge New Testament having been sent to the printer recently.

Hector & Caitlyn Hernandez

With CTEN, Serving in Latin America

Hector, Caitlyn, and Thalia serve in Guatemala through the missionary organization Commission To Every Nation (CTEN). They train, disciple, and minister to the Achi people through the use of Ethno Arts and leadership development.

CCP is dedicated to implementing appropriate safety precautions for all live events.