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Men's Leadership


Every Authentic Men's Group consists of 4 elements.

Bible Reading Discussion
Ask what has stood out in your Bible Reading this week. Be prepared to lead in what you have been reading. Everyone should be following our Gospel Project Reading plan in the church. Its available on the church app and we have books at the church.

Watch The Video:

Video Discussion:
Use your book to discuss the content of the video (Training Guide Notes)

Pray For One Another:
Pray for any needs that have come up that week and pray for each person to apply the content from the session.

Group Leader Tips

  1. As a group leader you should see that EVERYONE participates in the discussion and that NO ONE dominates it. Don’t be afraid to redirect the conversation away from someone who is dominating the discussion. Say something like “That’s great, I appreciate your insight, but let’s hear from someone else. Hey, Joe, what do you think about that question?”
  2. It is best if you talk less than the rest of the group. Remember your job is to facilitate discussion, not talk the most.
  3. Read through the discussion questions before each session so you are not surprised by anything.
  4. As you watch the video session, be thinking of one strategic move you can make this week related to something you learned. Be prepared to briefly share your move with your group and challenge them to write down a strategic move in the Training Guide.
  5. Most importantly, be transparent with your group. If you want them to be open and honest you must model transparency for them. Challenge them to agree to confidentiality—what is shared in the group stays in the group.

CCP is dedicated to implementing appropriate safety precautions for all live events.