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Fall Small Group

Men's Small Groups

Offered throughout the week and listed on the website.

Women's Small Groups

Offered throughout the week and listed on the website.


Women’s Group

7-8:30pm (Sept. 7th-Nov. 2)
Kindred Connect: If you are new to Calvary Petaluma, Bible study in general or need help getting connected, come join us at the church for an 8-week study “Seek First the Kingdom” study in the book of Matthew.

Explore Leadership Workshop

7-8:30pm (Oct. 12th-Nov. 16th)
Opportunities for leadership are everywhere in every-day life which is why leadership is so important.  This workshop is for men, women, young, old, those in a formal position or anyone who is interested in growing and learning together as we explore the topic of leadership.


Men’s Group

7-8:30pm (Sept. 8th- Nov. 17th)
Midweek Men’s on Wednesday Nights: During the fall all men, young to old, are invited to the Church Wednesday nights for a small group study. If you are new to CCP and don’t attend a small group this is the best way to get connected.


Seeds Children’s Ministry Bible Study

6:30-8:00pm (Sept. 9th-Oct. 21st)
For kids in 3rd-6th grade. We will be studying through the book of Genesis and the creation account for seven weeks.  We start out as a large group and then break up into small groups of boys and girls, ending with a fun game, activity, or treat.

CCP is dedicated to implementing appropriate safety precautions for all live events.