Special Event Request

Please provide the following information to request scheduling of a special event a minimum of three (3) weeks before start date. All requests will be reviewed by the CCP Staff at their next regularly scheduled meeting. If additional input is needed, the Staff will consult the Elders at their next regularly scheduled meeting. 

The Staff is honored to partner with our congregation to provide varied ministry and event opportunities. Our goal is to offer events that fit within the church's mission and vision and meet the needs of our church and community. The Staff works diligently to maintain a clear understanding of the overall church calendar which also helps guide decisions regarding special events. While we hope to be able to fulfill your request, please understand there are many variables that go into the decision. 

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Briefly describe your idea for the event. Be sure to include a summary of what you are trying to accomplish. Don't just explain the who and what, but also the WHY.
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Calvary Chapel Petaluma's mission is to be a church community that is growing in the following areas: 

  • Love God - growing through Sunday Morning Services of worship and teaching 
  • Love People - growing through Small Groups
  • Serve & Reach the World - growing through CCP Serve Teams, partnership with foreign and local misson groups, and wherever God calls us to serve (family, friends, community, workplace, etc)
The event will fit the
Explain how this fits in with our church vision.
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If you were talking to someone face-to-face, how would you invite them to engage in this event?
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Date, Time, and Location

List three (3) potential dates in the order of your preference. The Staff will consult the general church calendar to determine the best fit. (If your requests do not fit with already-planned events on the general calendar, the Staff may suggest an alternate.)

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Is this an ongoing event?
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Who is in charge of unlocking / locking up the facility if before / after hours?
How do you plan on promoting this event?
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You are responsible for/to:
  • Recruiting help from the fellowship as needed
  • All organizational meetings for planning the event as needed
  • Oversee and delegate responsibilities to helpers/co-workers
  • Negotiate all contracts, prices etc. with local businesses, restaurants

After submitting this form, please allow 2-3 business days to hear back from us. God bless you!