Baby Dedication Request

We as Christians have a tremendous responsibility given to us when the Lord blesses us with a child. By doing so He entrusts us with the responsibility of raising up that child in the way of the Lord and establishing early in his life a foundation built upon Jesus Christ.

It is our desire here at Calvary Chapel Petaluma for the parents of each child being dedicated to the Lord to have a Biblical understanding of what a baby dedication signifies. With this as our goal, we would like you to help us by answering a few brief questions that will be used to assist in preparing you and your child for dedication. 

Parents' Names
Phone #
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Child's Name
1st Preference Date for Dedication
2nd Preference Date for Dedication
Service Time
Who would you like to do the dedication?
Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior?
If so, when was that?
How long have you attended Calvary Chapel Petaluma?
What does having your child dedicated mean to you?
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